Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So after I decided to spend half the day reading all the blogs I could find I got up and finished doing some laundry and sent the big one (T) outside to play. A little while later he came in and said that he was just going to take a rest and watch t.v.. When I think back on it I should have seen it coming...what mother wouldn't question her 4 year old boy coming in and SWEETLY saying he was going to do something...Not even 5 min later the neighbor boy and girl wandered into my house (don't people teach their kids to knock anymore) and proceeded to tattle on my sweet oldest son. Here's how it went:
little boy: "Sarah, I, I, I, just came, came, came over to tell you that T-t-tanner was calling us naughty words and said he hates us...."
me (rolling my eyes): "so, [little boy], did you come over to my house just to tattle"
little boy: "well no...I-I-I just thought you would want to know...
me: "So what did you say to him to set him off so he would say naughty things"
Tanner (in the living room listening):"He told me to get out of here and leave and he yelled at me"
me:"is that true [little boy]??
little boy: "well no, but he said it in front of my mom and she said '*gasp*'...
me: "ok...thanks [little boy] you can go home now...."

5 more min. later...I receive a text from my lovely neighbor mom...."I just thought you would like to know that I sent T home because he was calling us naughty names."
my text back went a little like this...."Thanks...it will just be another naughty thing that you can point out to everyone about my son...."
her text back...."I'm sure I can"
my text back...."You are great at it....starting from my daily updates on my son at the park all summer all the way to the birthday party where you decided to tell everyone about the mud incident and then proceeded to make fun of the presents I gave the birthday boy and girl..." then, "your kids aren't perfect by any means..."

Where did all this hostility come from..
Sadly, I am not going to blame this on hormones...no, no...I will blame it on the fact that the above mentioned neighborhood mom has A.) made it a horrible experience for my oldest one to be in school...leading to us pulling him out of pre-school B.) has an ongoing list that she shares with everyone she meets about the naughty things my son does C.) has successfully pushed a group of mom's away so she could obsessively hang out with a mom who is moving in December anyway and be named BFF of the year....D.) not to mention the things her son has taught my son....E.) and went to someone in our family trying to start a rumor that Lynnie lost his job and we got a bunch of money from my parents that we were living off of and that my mom had came to visit around Thanksgiving and bought all of the Christmas gifts that we were giving to other people.......WHO DOES THAT???? and F.) anytime in we are in public with other people ONLY has a negative comment about my son and my family and me.......she never criticizes anyone else...just me.....
So....after the tattle text yesterday I FLIPPED OUT...NO longer will I let my family be trampled on by ignorant people with low self-esteem......for the first time in a long time I stood up for myself and my family and let the words fly...instead of venting to someone else and feeling like I have to hide and ignore this person....heck no...bring it on..I am going to say what is on my mind to the persons face....
I know it is a small town and everyone knows everyone else and I am sure I will pay dearly for this....(above neighbor mom will some how become the victim and turn it around so people dislike me...she is manipulative like that)....but I don't care anymore....If people are going to listen to what she has to say and not question it then they don't deserve to be my friend. Anyone who knows me well enough should be smart enough to question what she will put out there.....
Honestly, I surprised myself....immediatly when I do something like that I feel like saying.."oh, I am soo sorry, I didn't mean it....please don't be offended.." Not this time...I didn't regret a thing...not to mention my husband was surprised I didn't flip out sooner...note to self...when Lynnie says he doesn't like someone and that there is something wrong with that picture...listen to him.....I don't take back anything I said..It was mere truth and it had to be said.
Now a warning to other mom's.....watch out, ladies....some people seem sweet on the outside but on the inside there is jealousy and hate and maliciousness and lies....and it will try to wreak havoc on your family life....
So, I am stepping down after my vent session on my soapbox....thank you for reading....I feel so much better.....Thank you to those people who are my true friends...through thick and thin...fat and skinny...I hope that God completely blesses your marriages, and families, and friendships!!!
Have a great day!!!


  1. I'm sorry you're having a hard time with someone. It really is difficult to deal with someone who only feels good about herself if she can pull someone else down. You have a right to stand up for yourself and your family. Good luck!

  2. Wowza. Sorry that your neighbor sucks. If you tell me where she lives I'll throw a rock through her window. Or at her kids. It's okay. I'm crazy so I can get away with things like that.

    Go you!

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  4. You go girl! Very proud that you stuck up for yourself... and your family! You have a lot of courage! Love ya!