Monday, May 4, 2009

Our lil fam!

So.....our family history.....Lynnie and I were in the same class in school (AFHS class of 1999) and we started hanging out the night of our classes graduation. We ended up hanging out all summer and then in July I decided I was going to move to California...once there I found out how much I missed my man and decided to, once again, move back to A.F. We got engaged June 24th 2000 and were married November 11, 2000. I can't believe June 11 of this year (2009) we will be together for 10 years. Time flies and I know that Lynnie is the perfect guy for me. God never makes mistakes and He had a plan when he got us together. I love you, Lynnie!
June 2004 we had our first boy! Tanner James was born a month early and has made up for it. I think he is the tallest 4 (almost 5) year old in our town...he looks like his Uncle Mike and has his mom's pretty much he is a very active 4 year old....

Our new addition is Lucas Jeffrey. Born Nov 2008, he is the quiet one. Looks exactly like his older brother and is extremely quiet and content to just sit there and look at everyone..(like Lynnie)....

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  1. Welcome to the blogging world! It will totally validate you! :)